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Citizens of the county voted to approve a special tax to raise funds for construction of a new $1.5 million hospital to replace the over-crowded Murray Hospital.


The five county high schools consolidated into Calloway County High School.

The six school flags on display at Calloway County High School.

November 17, 1960

A lighted digital sign was erected at the Bank of Murray facing the court square. The flashing time and temperature alternated every few seconds; a novelty locals were proud of as it was the first of its kind in western Kentucky.

November 19, 1960

Preston (Ty) Holland was recognized state-wide for his leadership abilities by being named "Coach of the Year" in the Western Kentucky Athletic Conference.

January 21, 1961

The Corvette Lanes Bowling Alley had a grand re-opening to celebrate their expansion from 12 lanes to 18, the new women's and men's lounges, an automatic Pendicator, the magic triangle and the hidden ball return.

September 1961

A Falls City based Jerry's Restaurant chain moved two old houses on South 12th Street at Story Avenue for a modern drive-in restaurant.

October 10, 1961

More than 5,000 filled the Murray State Field House to watch the NBA exhibition basketball game between the St. Louis Hawks and the Cincinnati Royals.

October 28, 1961

Kentucky Governor Bert T. Combs dedicated the Murray airport in a ceremony attended by state and local officials as well as many local citizens. A dedication of the Calloway County High School was also held on this day.

Airport dedication program cover.

August 10, 1962

Governor Bert Combs had a busy day in Calloway County as he established a "temporary capital" at Calloway County High School, spoke at a civic luncheon at noon, and addressed graduates of Murray State College at its summer commencement exercises.

October 20, 1962

Former President Harry. S Truman spoke at Murray State College on behalf of the Democratic candidates in the November election.

December 12, 1962

The Varsity Theatre burned in sub-zero weather completely destroying the building and its contents.

The Varsity Theatre before its destruction.

January 14, 1963

Outland's tobacco warehouse was being used by Murray Manufacturing Company to store new Tappan ranges when it caught fire, ending with a loss of 1,031 units. Not only did the stoves go up in smoke, but tobacco belonging to Growers Loose Leaf Floor was stored in the lower part of the building and it was lost as well.

March 3, 1963

Mass inoculations of the Salk vaccine to fight polio were organized by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Calloway County Medical Society, and the Calloway County Board of Health.

July 1, 1963

A national zip code of five digits was implemented for all correspondence going in the mail. Murray's zip code was set at 42071.

November 1963

James H. Blalock and James M. Coleman organized a new funeral home and set up business in the former Murray Rest Home located at South 5th Street at Vine.

March 4, 1964

A tornado tore through the northwest part of the community causing extensive property damage and sending fourteen local residents to the Murray Hospital. The J. L. Green family with eleven children lost their home, but thankfully the family was not at home during the storm. The storm barely missed the Kirksey Elementary school filled with 300 students.

March 10, 1964

Murray State's first appearance in the NCAA men's basketball tournament happened in Evanston, Ill. Head Coach Cal Luther led the Racers against Loyola. Jim Jennings had a big day with 24 points, but the Racers bowed out 101-91.

April 1964

Construction was completed and the new, 80-bed hospital was renamed the Murray-Calloway County Hospital. The Mason Hospital building was converted into a Convalescent Care division for chronically ill or aged patients.

The former Mason Memorial Hospital.


A new 60-unit Holiday Inn was built on the west side of U. S. 641 South.

Holiday Inn advertisement.

May 15, 1964

The third phase of the expansion program of the West Kentucky Rural Telephone was completed to accommodate four-party lines in Lynn Grove, Hazel, and New Concord. Installations were completed in July 1965.

A party line operator shown.

June 1, 1964

The first campsites in the Land Between the Lakes recreation area were opened.

February 23, 1965

The large home of Dr. Rainey T. Wells and a 32-acre tract were sold at auction to the Brandon brothers.

July 26, 1965

Assets of the three banks in Calloway County climbed by more than one and one half million dollars during the past six months according to the published reports of the three banks – Dee's Bank of Hazel, Bank of Murray, and the Peoples Bank.

January 3, 1966

The Sager Glove Corporation opened in the former hosiery mill on South 4th Street.

March 1966

The eldest citizen of the community, Mrs. Victoria Wells, 108-years of age, died at her home the last of ·March. Services were held at the Second Street Church of Christ with most of her 12 great-great-grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren and 9 grandchildren in attendance. She was buried in the City Cemetery.

May 1966

Southern Bell Telephone Company began upgrading its distribution system by placing their lines underground from North 9th Street to 16th Street on Main. Later in the year, lines were routed off the square in similar fashion.

August 20, 1966

Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey visited Kentucky to dedicate the Barkley Dam, Lake, and Canal, a $142 million project named in honor of his friend, the late Vice President Alben W. Barkley.


The Cheri began in 1967 as a single-screen theater with integrated seating for 600. In 1997, two 290 stadium seating auditoriums were added. In 2008, the theater upgraded projectors to provide Dolby 3D Technology.

Capri Theatre sign.

April 3, 1968

A tornado tore through Penny during the night, cutting a path northeasterly. Two were killed, 20 injured, and two who were hospitalized.

August 26, 1968

Fannie (Hendon) Stubblefield was named Sheriff to finish out the unexpired term of her husband, Sheriff Cohen Stubblefield, due to his ill health.

April 20, 1971

A referendum was held to decide if alcoholic beverages would be legally sold within the City of Murray. Yes votes were 1,410 and 2,649 voted No. Every precinct in the city cast a No majority.


Twenty-four-year-old Ken Imes lost, then won a race for state representative within 48 hours. Imes was mistakenly short-changed by 100 votes according to a recheck two days later when a recanvas took place.

January 9, 1972

Murray High School opened its new facility.

Murray High School in 1971.


Construction began on a new 48-bed addition to the Murray-Calloway County Hospital.

The new addition of MCCH as shown in 1973.

November 1974

Murray High School won the football state championship over Beechwood, 14 – 0.

1974 - Year of the Tiger.

September 4, 1976

For the first time, a thoroughbred horse made a lap around the track at Stewart Stadium after a Racer touchdown. The Racers hosted Southeast Missouri State University and won the game 14-3. The original Racer-1 was named Violet Cactus.

Racer 1


The Murray-Calloway County Hospital built a $1.75 million professional office known as the Medical Arts Building East Wing. That same year, a three-part $8.3 million project began, expanding the facility even further.


Murray Calloway County Jaycees built a new building at the fair grounds to use for agriculture exhibits and displays during the fair.

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